80 facts about Teen Top

Teen Top 80 Facts:
  • TEEN TOP’s balloon color is pearl light lavender purple. Their balloons have white stars on them.
  • Changjo looks up to BIG BANG’s Taeyang a lot as a dancer.
  • When he lived in America, L.Joe used his real name, Lee Byeonghyun, but the people around him nicknamed him Joe.
  • The only person using his real name as his stage name in Teen Top is Niel. Niel is short for Daniel, his first name.
  •  Chunji’s stage name means ”to have a voice that covers the heavens and the earth.
  • If you put Chunji and Changjo’s names together, “chunji changjo”, it means “the creation of heavens and earth”.
  • When Teen Top where guests on Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha’s radio, Changjo said his ideal girl is Narsha.
  • Teen Top practiced their debut song “?? (Clap)” for about 3-4 months before their debut.
  • A month after Teen Top’s debut, when asked about the changes in a month’s time, Chunji answered that he grew taller.
  • When Niel was younger, he admired Se7en a lot. L.Joe liked Fin.K.L.
  • Ricky likes to play board games, such as Monopoly.
  • If L.Joe could get close to any celebrity he’d want, he’d wish for it to be his role model, G-Dragon (BIG BANG).
  • When Changjo was younger he did taekwondo and jeolkwondo. His dream was to become a bodyguard.
  • One of C.A.P’s hobbies is design. He does graffiti a lot.
  • Meeting the fans personally, like at a fan sign, makes Ricky happy.
  • Niel describes Supa Luv as a song with a cold name but refined melody. He says it’s a dance song with a good beat.
  • The raising of shoulders dance in Supa Luv is nicknamed “kkadonam chum”, which means “rough and arrogant man dance”
  • C.A.P has three tattoos:one on his neck, an angel/demon on his left shoulder blade&“carpe diem”written on his right shoulder.
  • Leader C.A.P says they will become a Teen Top who always gives us different images of themselves.
  • If TEEN TOP were to choose between a sexy noon/a cute noona: Chunji&LJoe pick a sexy noona.Ricky&Niel pick a cute noona.
  • Changjo admired Dong Bang Shin Ki a lot when he was younger. Ricky admired Jewelry, and Chunji g.o.d.
  • L.Joe lived with his father in Korea before he joined TEEN TOP. His mother lives in the US.
  • For Niel’s birthday last year, L.Joe stayed up at 3 AM to compose a birthday song for him.
  • L.Joe lived in California for 5 years.
  • The first time Changjo met Niel, he thought he looked like a Simpson.
  • Niel relieves stress by tormenting Ricky.
  • In TEEN TOP’s dorm, Niel and Ricky are roommates since they’re the loudest members in the band.
  • Ricky says the Teen Top hyungs treat him and Changjo really well.
  • When Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha asks Ricky if he knows how old she is, he shyly replies “two times my age”
  • When asked about a manly member in Teen Top, Ricky answers that it’s C.A.P and adds that “he looks like a really cool man”.
  • According to the other members, Ricky is the shyest/most embarrassed member of TEEN TOP.
  • Ricky is the fake maknae and always claims to be the maknae even though Changjo is the real one.
  • The most talkative member is Niel and the quietest member is Changjo.
  • Chunji has a pink phone with a Hello Kitty sticker on it.
  • C.A.P told Chunji that he has a small face.
  • Niel was jealous at RickJoe, when they are practicing their kissing scene in mnet japan, elle photoshoot.
  • Ricky was L.Joe’s first kiss.
  • Niel Said To the students who think that uniforms are plain, you can wear it with a cool bag!
  • C.A.P’s ideal girl is Jihyun from 4minute, while Ricky’s is Hyomin from T-ara. Chunji and Niel both like Song Yuri.
  • Teen Top’s average age is 16.3 years old.
  • C.A.P likes English but he makes lots of mistakes with English spelling.
  • Changjo’s height is the same as niel’s which 1cm shorter than c.a.p
  • Changjo doesn’t have sharp jawlines.
  • “When i become an adult, i want to fall in love.” – Niel
  • CAP likes to write his own rap.
  • “The raising of shoulders dance in Supa Luv is nicknamed “kkadonam chum”; rough and arrogant man dance.”
  • “C.A.P says Shinhwa’s Andy taught them directly before entering the army, and he always supports Teen Top, so they always feel thankful and stronger.”
  • Since the fans keep on cheering for Teen Top enthusiastically no matter where they are, Changjo feels that Teen Top are getting more popular little by little.”
  • Ricky always gives his hyungs a lot of aegyo and he talks a lot. -Chunji
  • Ricky’s really mischievous and he’s like Teen Top’s adrenaline. -L.joe
  • When I am watching the movie with others, I love scaring them at suspenseful parts. -Changjo
  • I always try to have a kind heart. -Changjo
  • He has a brother who is five years older than him. – Chunji
  • He went for private audition and showed his skills by singing Neyo’s So Sick – Chunji
  • He likes brain-game and loves to re-arrange puzzles. – Chunji
  • He loves to play games on his iPod whenever he has free time in the dressing room.
  • He often do 1000 pieces ones puzzle. He didn’t do it at the dorm, he usually do it at home with his father.
  • He usually takes his dirty clothes home once a week and bring it back the following week. – Chunji
  • Chunji & Ricky wanted to go to Disneyland when they were in Japan.
  • If he get a chance to do solo concert, he wants to sing a ballad song. – Chunji
  • Chunji got abs.
  • Chunji looks like Jessica [SNSD]
  • Chunji can’t sleep without pajamas, and him will feels weird.
  • When I have free time I’ve gone by myself to the theater. -Chunji
  • Ricky is the most hot tempered out of all members.
  • His dream was to be a doctor specialized in cardiothoracic surgery. – L.Joe
  • He has played piano for about five years and has a lot of interest in composing songs.
  • He often look at the mirror to look for the perfect angles in showing his expressions on stage. – LJoe
  • During the audition, he rapped to his own song and also a song by Epik high and Dynamic Duo. – LJoe
  • He began to like G-Dragon from boy band Big Bang from when he promoted his song “Heartbreaker.” – LJoe
  • He said that he prefer to be a couple with Chunji instead of Ricky. Because Chunji can sing as well. – LJoe
  • He promised the other five members that he would write each of them a song. – LJoe
  • He said that Ricky was the one who welcomed him warmly when the first time he went to the practice room.
  • L.Joe is the apparent skin ship devil.
  • He was a model student and got A’s.
  • LJoe first couple was Niel, then he ran away to Ricky and Chunji.
  • L.Joe went to America when he was 12 and came back to South Korea when he was 17.
  • L.Joe is the shortest member. And he wants to grow taller.
  • Chunji likes solving puzzles. He usually does the ones with 1000 pieces.

Credit to : leechanheesmile.tumblr




8 thoughts on “80 facts about Teen Top

  1. teentop very funny .. l.joe talented, I love you l.joe .. Niel, I hope you got the perfect girlfriend .. ricky do aegyo .. chunji your face so cute .. and changjo you cool .. good head cap /.

  2. CAP: i like you becouse you are realy cool dude !!… Take care of them ! ^^
    NIEL: you are soo adorable and nice .. Keep incourge them . !
    RICKY:keep doin ayeago becouse that is soo cute and i like it to death !! ^^“
    LJOe:you are realy talented cute wierd awkward dude and great rapper !! That why you are my Bias !! ^_^ “

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