Boyfriend Facts Part 1 ~

1. Youngmin is the older twins! Confirmed!

2. 3mins needs to eat a lot of gain weight while their hyungs have to watch them eat

3. Donghyun and Minwoo have the most fluent english among the members

4. Jungmin is the shortest member!

5. The members seen Hyun sung cried for the first time when they are reading their birthday messages to him

6. The members are not allow to have cellphones

7. Minwoo has bad temper but he has a tough leadership soul

8. Minwoo used up all the tissues to wipe his sweat

9. According to Hyunseong, anything Donghyun does, he does it with caution, so whatever he does, he does it well

10. Kwangmin has a slightly deeper voice than Youngmin

11. Youngmin’s pride is very strong, the position of the leader suits him well. When in anger, he almost throws a tantrum

12. The twins have a younger brother named Hyunmin

13. Kwangmin and Youngmin can’t do gag, their gags are not funny at all

14. When Youngmin is involved in something, he falls right into it. And he also have alot of charisma

15. The twins used to be trainee at JYPE for 2 years

16. Minwoo has a sister named Eun Bin

17. Kwangmin asked Minwoo for help when he forgets the dance moves

18. Donghyun prefers Youngmin out of his other members because he follows him well

19. Youngmin doesn’t know how to draw or paint

20. Jungmin said that Minwoo copied a lot of girl groups

21. Minwoo is SNSD’s Jessica fan!

22. Kwangmin is bad at knowing the atmosphere

23. At first, people called Minwoo “moist”, but now it changed into “wet” because he’s always sweating

24. People said that when Minwoo is bored, he ran up and down the stairs just for fun

25. Kwangmin is very good at sharing things

26. 3mins go to the same school, Seoul Performing Arts High School

27. The twins might be in the same class at school

28. Kwangmin is the shyer twins

29. Boyfriend look up to Big Bang and TVXQ

30. Youngmin likes Pooh bear, Minwoo likes Mickey mouse, and Kwangmin likes Pikachu!!

31. The twins first kiss had already been stolen by a nuna staff

32. Kwangmin is known as the prankster

33. According to Kwangmin, Minwoo is good at winks

34. Minwoo is not good at games with gambling and other stuff

35. Favorite color: Minwoo-Red, Youngmin-Yellow, Kwangmin-blue

36. Jungmin is known as “Mirror Prince”, according to Minwoo, he look at the mirror all the times except when he’s sleeping xD

37. Minwoo calls Youngmin “Hyung” but not Kwangmin

38. Youngmin was the worst on Hyunsung birthday so he got a punishment from him

40. All the members are right-handed

41. Jungmin is the only member that didn’t received support from his parents to pursue his music career

42. The twins are known as Kim Hyun Joong look-alike

43. Boyfriend agree that they would eat Breakfast together every morning

44. Kwangmin wanted to go blonde too but the company said no

45. The twins shared backpack when going to recording

46. Boyfriend goal is to get this year “Rookie Award”

47. “Girlfriend” is not Boyfriend Official Fan name

48. Boyfriend wear group rings, not just the Jo twins

49. Kwangmin sit in a mermaid style since he was young and still does now

50. Jungmin has 5 favorite colors

source : no min woo 노민우’s facebook

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